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Cannabis Sativa (Medical Marijuana / Marihuana) Seeds Information

Our intentions and code of ethics strictly require that we are easily your most trustworthy and reliable source of the highest possible quality of the product types that we carry, with amazingly fair and competitive pricing. We work hard to ensure the quality and origin/authenticity of everything we sell. There’s nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction. We purchase our products only directly from their manufacturers and their official distributors, provide only authentic and manufacturer-packaged products, and provide descriptions directly from our manufacturers and/or their distributors whenever possible.

All of our products are intended and sold for legal and safe use only, of course. Some seeds, or the plants they can produce, may be toxic, and some may be strangely illegal in various circumstances or areas of the world. Our intention is to provide a reliable, informative and supportive source of gardening related products for people who are authorized to use them in accordance with Canadian, and international, law. Any purchase involves a certification by our customer that they have legal authorization to possess what they are buying, as well as an agreement that our customer will not act in conflict with any law. While we aim to provide as much information as possible, it is the responsibility of every customer to avoid any unsafe or improper use.

You must be verifiably 19 years of age to purchase some of our products. Germination of certain species of seeds may be illegal in some areas of the world. In some cases seed breeders distribute collectible adult souvenirs partially to help preserve plant genetics for future generations. 

This website’s product information is intended as a potentially helpful guideline, but neither promises nor implies any guarantees or expectations and may be incorrect or out of date at any point in time. Prices and other details are subject to change without notice. Please contact us directly for more information and/or confirmation of availability. We are here to help and serve you – your satisfaction is our first priority! (Toronto Hemp Company – THC) is a great source of Cannabis-related products and information.

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These pages contain a list of highly recommended or demanded collectible Cannabis sativa (Medical Marijuana) seeds, which can be organized alphabetically by seed bank / breeder, or by certain “Collection” or "Type" Categories... 

You can follow the links below to look through our catalog - after following one of the links you can further filter those catalog listing results using the filter options at the top of each product page (for example, choosing "In-Stock Cannabis" then filtering by "Breeder:Barney's Farm", or by "Outdoor", will give you a list of all In-Stock Barney's Farm, or all In-Stock Outdoor, Cannabis seeds). Here are some of the Cannabis "Collections" that you can look through:

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50/50 Indica/Sativa
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