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7 Aces Seeds - Amnesia OG - 15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)

7 Aces Seeds

7 Aces Seeds - Amnesia OG - 15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)


7 Aces Seeds - Amnesia OG - 15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)

The Ace of Spades has been drawn for you.

This strain will calm you down and bring you back to earth gently. It has a Rasta healing vibration. The sativa influence will wake you up, while the O.G. Kush will keep you calm. It is the perfect blend of sativa and indica and a hybrid that will brighten your day. This hybrid originated in Amsterdam where it’s also known as “Where’s My Bike?” It has Haze genetics, Skunk genetics, Northern Lights genetics and old school European genetics which have all been crossed with West Coast O.G. genetics, such as Chemdawg and Blackberry. This is a true collaboration that has created a cannabis sensation. The Amnesia O.G. finishes outdoors in the first or second week of October.

It performs great indoors and excels in a greenhouse. Some phenotypes lean toward the European classics of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk, while others lean toward the O.G. Kush family

Origins - Amnesia Haze x O.G.
Flowering Time - 9-10 Weeks
Outdoor Finish - Early October
Effects - Relaxing, long-lasting body buzz good at the end of a long day or for chronic pain.
7 Aces Advice - A resin Heavy, high-yield plant with abundant trichomes. The O.G. parent pulls forward the finish of the Amnesia Haze to make this a viable outdoor plant. 
Yields - 14+ ounces

15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)

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