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7 Aces Seeds - Blue Queen - 15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)

7 Aces Seeds

7 Aces Seeds - Blue Queen - 15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)


7 Aces Seeds - Blue Queen - 15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)

Blueberry clone crossed with Super Silver Haze male.

The Blue Queen is the latest step in our decade long “Blueberry Project”. We are a bit obsessed with Blueberry genetics, especially those developed originally by DJ Short. While a work of art in itself, those genes have never fully excelled in our organic outdoor environment. We have grown it in a greenhouse with a bit more success but have yet to bring it home outdoors, which is the ultimate goal. We have played with all sorts of blueberry hybrids, from all sorts of contributors. We even have a beautiful Blueberry sativa dominant seed line that will finish outdoors, depending on how far north you grow. Then, in 2015 we were gifted some outdoor Blueberry clones. We grew them out and found their finish time intriguing enough to incorporate into our Blueberry Project. We dubbed these clones the Northern Wild Blueberry. It was noted for its strong indica Blueberry phenotype and its late September finish. We had little luck deciphering the clones’ origins (let’s just say there wasn’t a lot of clarity about its true source). So without a male we decided to create our own version of the popular Blue Dream. We slapped one of the Northern Wild Blueberry clones with pollen from our best Super Silver Haze male.

The Blue Queen has arrived. All Hail.

Origins - Blueberry and Super Silver Haze
Flowering Time - 7-8 Weeks
Outdoor Finish - Early October
Effects - This sativa-dominant hybrid hits the sweet spot between dreamy couchlock and brainy stimulation. A sweet berry tasting sedative.
7 Aces Advice - This plant needs lots of space as it will get tall. Mould resistant. 
Yields - 15 ounces

15-Pack Regular / Photoperiod (Not Feminized)

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