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Remo Nutrients & Additives - Remo's VeloKelp 20L

Remo Nutrients

Remo Nutrients & Additives - Remo's VeloKelp 20L 20549


Remo Nutrients & Additives - Remo's VeloKelp 20L

VeloKelp’s amazing formula is packed with vitamins and multiple seaweed extracts, specifically designed to support a thriving garden. It can be used during in all stages of growth, however VeloKelp is most beneficial during early plant development:
Propagation: Promotes vigorous root development and assists with reducing transplant shock.
Vegetative Cycle: Helps with the generation of new shoots and appendages.
Flowering Cycle: Assists with nutrient uptake.
VeloKelp can be used as an additive or foliar spray.

Stock # 20549

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