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Sacred Seed's Toronto seed store has been serving medical seed growers, researchers and collectors kindly and reliably since 2002. We carry a huge variety of medicinal plant seeds from all over the world, and as weather and other factors permit we also provide many very interesting growing plants, dried herbs, cacti (cactus plants), and other related products and information. We recently closed our retail store due to some unforeseen circumstances and are operating for the time being as an online retailer and for in-person-shopping by-appointment-only out of a small office space.

We are happy to help take care of our long-time (and new) customers via online-sales, email, phone, and in-person to the best of our current abilities! Our 416-928-6811 number is in the process of being 'ported' over into a new phone which for the next few days has a temporary phone number of 647-927-3539. Email ( is a good method of communication also, but the phone is better.